The area

The North East Coast of Corfu Island is famous for its natural beauty. Emerald green mountain slopes descend into the sapphire blue waters of the Ionian Sea. Many private villas sit right on the water front making a boat the best way to experience the many small coves and remote beaches that adorn the coast line.
Renting a boat gives you access to many exceptional places you cannot get to by car. You can pull up to any beach or sea side taverna that meets your fancy or take your own pick-nick out to sea. Go fishing, snorkel or discover your very own beach. The feeling of freedom and adventure is unbeatable. One day will simply not be enough!

North of San Stefanos

Head out to sea with the Albanian coast line in the distance and turn left. The north eastern headland of Corfu Island on your left hand side remains unspoiled and has many small and remote beaches that can only be accessed by boat:
Vromolimni , Sinies Bay (Akoli), Arias, Fanaraki, Cavo Barbaro to name but a few.

Avlaki Beach

water-sportsrestaurantCafeCar AccessJettySunbeds & Umbrellas

Avlaki Beach is the first large and inhabited beach as you pass the headland turning slightly west at this point with available sunbeds, umbrellas and two well respected restaurants.

Kassiopi Harbor

restaurantCafeCar AccessJetty

Small beaches continue along the coast from there with Kassiopi Harbor being the next port of call. Restaurants, cafes, plenty of souvenir shops as well as more practical services such as cash machines, medical services and post office can be found here.


restaurantCafeCar AccessJettySunbeds & Umbrellas

Heading further west the next organized beach is Kalamaki. It has a jetty to moor your boat and a beach bar as well as being the only sandy beach in the area.

St Spyridon

water-sportsrestaurantCafeCar AccessJettySunbeds & Umbrellas

St Spyridon is the next organized beach along the coast with a hotel and other facilities. The long stretch of sand that covers the largest part of Corfu Island’s north coast is Acharavi.
It is imperative that you go no further than Kassiopi Harbour without consulting Sotiris and a weather check with Sotiri himself. Conditions can turn quite suddenly making your return difficult.

South of San Stefanos

Head out to sea with the Albanian coast line in the distance and turn right. In this south direction towards Corfu Town you will find many of the easily accessible beaches and sea side tavernas the north east coast has become famous for.
Initially you will see some private beaches that are in front of sea side villas including the famous Rothschild tower and estate.


restaurantCafeCar AccessJettySunbeds & Umbrellas

Past the rocks that ‘slide’ into the sea you will arrive at the first large organized beach called Kerasia. The popular Kerasia Taverna is the only restaurant here as well as a small café. Sunbeds and sun umbrellas are for rent as well as a small gift shop.


restaurantCafeCar AccessJetty

Some small secluded beaches follow along the coast with Kouloura, a small traditional fishing harbor, and a famous waterfront landmark coming up next. A small restaurant exists here too.


water-sportsrestaurantCafeCar AccessJettySunbeds & Umbrellas

Kalami is a popular beach with many restaurants and all other beach facilitates. It is the closest beach to San Stefano with water sports with whom you can pre-book with us if you wish.


restaurantCafeCar AccessJettySunbeds & Umbrellas

Agni follows with a relatively small beach but with a large reputation for its three restaurants each with its own jetty on which to moor your boat.


restaurantCafeCar AccessJettySunbeds & Umbrellas

Krouzeri is the next large and organized beach along followed by Kaminaki which is smaller but has restaurants and beach facilities too.

Sun Shine Beach

water-sportsrestaurantCafeCar AccessJettySunbeds & Umbrellas

Sun Shine Beach takes its name from the large hotel you can see there.

Nissaki Harbour

water-sportsrestaurantCafeCar AccessJettySunbeds & Umbrellas

Nissaki Harbour is a very characteristic fishing harbor with two restaurants, gift shops and water sports too.


restaurantCafeCar AccessJettySunbeds & Umbrellas

A small beach with a single taverna called Glyfa is further south.


water-sportsrestaurantCafeCar AccessJettySunbeds & Umbrellas

Barbati is the largest shingle beach on the east coast with many beach bars, restaurants and other beach facilitates.